Why is more Real Estate being sold in Mumbai despite the pandemic?

One would like to think that since the pandemic took place and a lot of people lost their jobs, that actually lesser people would be buying homes (specially in upper end markets like Mumbai). Well, you would be very far away from the truth!

Mumbai has seen record Real Estate deals happening in the last quarter of 2020. The registration of residential properties in Mumbai jumped over two-folds in December to 18,854 units compared with November. In November, total registrations stood at 9,301 units. The registration in December 2019 stood at 6,433 units. (more…)


Are Food Aggregators only discount friendly?


By now, it is nothing new to order food from an app. Gone are the days when only few people ordered food online. Specially after the lockdown and people working from home, ordering food online seems like the trend nowadays.

Undoubtedly, one can’t look past the intense heat soaring between these online food delivery platforms. The top 2 contenders – Swiggy and Zomato, have been growing very aggressively over the last couple of years. With a constant 30-50% discount scheme active on most of their deliveries at all times, these food aggregators have helped the entire industry gather large momentum at a very fast pace with deep discounting programs. (more…)