The National Skills Development Mission of India

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Skill India or National Skills Development Mission of India was launched in the year 2015 by the Indian government. The ambit of formal education has expanded beyond certain concepts. Vocational education has become more relevant in terms of employment. The changing nature of jobs means that employers look for skills beyond formal degrees.

According to the research conducted in this regard, it was found that skill development could lead to inclusive and sustainable economic growth and mitigation of poverty. Academics might not be a forte for everyone and thus employability could not only be determined by academic achievements alone.  There should be a space for those who wish to work on various skills like manufacturing, web development, hospitality, and various other skills.

The main aim of Skill India is not only to acquaint the Indian populace with the most demanded skills in the market but to provide economic agency to many who ever have missed opportunities in academics or they simply wish to build a career in these skills. Skill India is also aimed at accelerating the skill up-gradation initiative and to infuse innovative thinking not only for existing jobs but also for creating new jobs.

A brand new ministry named the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship was created in the year 2014 that would be the pivotal agency in this initiative. The initiative aims to reduce the demand and supply gap of skilled manpower in the employment market. In order to set up a world-class manufacturing base, we need to develop a workforce that can work effectively.

The manufacturing sector of India has been lagging behind for the past many years. The reason was that production techniques had not been utilized to the maximum. In order to sustain economic growth over longer periods of time, our workforce needs to be well adept with the latest technology and effective work practices. Another fact to keep in account is that these job skills cannot be learned at cheaper rates.

People from weaker economic backgrounds cannot afford to take up expensive courses and certifications. We have also seen job markets changing in leaps and bounds with the advent of the technological revolution. Skill India has also entered into foreign collaborations to ensure that the Indian workforce learns from the best practices of other countries. Skill India also aims to address the challenge of gender inequality in employment. Women need to achieve economic agency and for the same, the initiative especially focuses on women in rural areas. A heartening fact is that many companies like Oracle are aiming to develop huge training centers to train larger batches of students in computer skills.

The initiatives include the National Skill Development Mission, National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) scheme, and the Skill Loan scheme. The main motto of this initiative is Kaushal Bharat, Kushal Bharat (Skilled India, Successful India). The unorganized sector of the Indian economy is extremely huge and in order to tap the huge potential of this sector and to ensure that the workers attain economic freedom in a real sense, the government aims to provide skills along with approved certification to them.

Industrial Training Institutes will be awarding diplomas to thousands of students creating a human capital that will be part of India’s economic growth story. Under Skill Loan Schemes, loans can be availed by those who wish to achieve advanced certification in vocational training. The leading initiative, PMKVY, will aim in recognizing the youth who wish to upgrade their skills and provide them with financial rewards who finish their skill training programs.

India, which boasts of the largest youth population is entering the most critical phase in its growth story. Millions from this population will join the workforce and massive skills would be demanded in the market. Post-pandemic India has to once again uplift many those who have been pushed to the brink of poverty because of job losses. Vocational centers would emerge as the much-needed relief package for resetting our job markets. The program initially aimed at reaching out to 40 crore subscribers. According to a paper, this program has attained considerable outcomes. If we don’t focus on the skill training now, our youth population will be left in a lurch. In order to achieve our true economic potential, we need to focus on skill training programs.

Written By- Ishaan Jain

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